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Delicious Soup Recipes

Delicious Soup Recipes


This ebook contains almost 200 amazing soup receipes. You will find almost every soup you could imagine, like cabbage soup, potato soup, chicken soup, campbells soup recipe, tortilla soup, broccoli cheese soup, diet soups, chicken tortilla soup, bean soup, asparagus soup, artichoke soup, leek soup, mushroom soup, Swiss potato soup, tomato soup, fish soup, clam soup, oyster soup, vegetable soup, corn soup, carrot soup, and much, much more. There is also some very good information about soups, like:

* All about soups
* Value of soup in the meal
* General classes of soup
* Classes of soup denoting consistency.
* Classes of soups denoting quality
* Stock for soup and its uses
* Varieties of stock
* Additional uses of stock
* Soup extracts
* The stockpot - use and care of stockpot
* Flavoring stock
* Making of soup
* Principal ingredients
* Meat used for soup making
* Herbs and vegetables used for soup.
* Processes involved in making stock.
* Cooking meat for soup.
* Removing grease from soup.
* Clearing soup
* Thickening soup
* Serving soup
* Recipes - stocks
* Recipes - soups

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